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Hi there! I am new to this forum. In 2014 I got diagnosed with "IBS" because of symptoms like belly pain, bloating, constipation/diarree and smelly stool. Since November 2016 I got in a pretty stressful environment  which caused a lot of problems with my intestine (pain, extreme bloating etc). I went to the GP for the 10th time since 2014 and again she said, it are just IBS symptoms, we can do nothing about it and I got medicines named Mebeverine, but it did not work for me. During and after I returned from Christmas holiday I got sudden nose bleeds, Herpes simplex (the virus I already had in me but i didn't had it for a couple of years), very rapid weight gain (around 5 pounds in 2 days), short breath, rash on my neck and elbows and after all I was very very tired. I am a full time student who works part-time and exercise 3 times a week and I was after a full day of being busy a bit tired, now I am already tired when I am in the bus for a hour and still tired after sleeping from 11 pm till 11 am. Of course I went to the GP again and she found a pretty low hemoglobine level in my blood, so I was directed to the internist and hematologist in the hospital. Since I am Greek he suspected I had a blood disease common in the mediterranean area, so he did a huge blood test (including for coeliac disease) and stool test for calprotectin, he found out that I had no diseases and even the IgA level for coeliac disease was negative (1,76), but he did found out I had iron malabsorption which caused the low hemoglobine level. The internist said that the hemoglobine level only could not cause such big tiredness out of a sudden, so he wanted to did a gastroscopy and take samples in the duodenum to test for coeliac disease, for this I get the results upcoming Friday.

This is pretty much my story, but I am a bit sceptical about having the coeliac disease because everything happened out of a sudden, is this possible, what are your opinions? Thank you

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Yes, celiac disease can develop at any time of life.  Celiac is an autoimmune condition and once the immune system learns that gluten is an enemy it will attack.

There is also a gene test they can do to see  if you have the genes for celiac disease.

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