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So, my ferritin has dropped from 70's to 20 (cut off is 13). Serum iron was normal but I had eaten like 5 times that day before noon so it was not fasting. The last time I fasted for a procedure my RBC and hemoglobin dropped to mild anemia.  I drank like 2 nutrition drinks per day and took black strap molasses for a couple of weeks and then it was fine.

Anyway, I am not interested in depleting iron reserves any further and in order to avoid anemia, I bought some iron with vitamin c and thought I would take it every other day. I have a pretty high iron containing diet to begin with. But, I am alternating between the big D and big C these days and I think my "transit time" has slowed down as well. Even though I "go" every day I get a lot of pressure in the hepatic area where the colon curves and a couple of imaging tests show a moderate-large amount in the colon.  This gets relieved, so it is not a constant blockage or anything. So, of course the darn iron with vitamin c made the C worse though.

Then  I thought I better get the doc to approve the amount of iron so I am not taking too much. They have suggested 65 mg per day.

Anyone have any suggestions on brand? There are a ton online that say "gentle". It looks like ferrous is the best source of iron but that is the one that causes C. Is the "gentle" kind enough to increase ferritin?

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Hey there! I have been struggling for years to find an iron supplement that did not upset my stomach, and recently discovered Heme Iron by New Roots Herbal. Have you tried a heme iron? It is derived from animal sources rather than elemental, so wouldn't be suitable if you're vegetarian, but is apparently easier to absorb. I haven't had any problems with it! I think there are other brands of heme iron available now too which should be similar!

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My Ferritin dropped to a 5 before I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease..I had to have Iron Infusions 3 times to get my levels up..now...I have been gluten-free for 5 years and I'm maintaining around 50..My Dr told me Ferris iron registers a false reading...I don't take any extra now..just test my levels every 6 months..Goodluck on your journey. 

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