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  1. Soy is a reactor...So I seldom use it..but did find the gluten-free version...but cannot find gluten-free Teriyaki???
  2. IF you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease..DO NOT purposely eat gluten. ..ever again..it is poison to your body even if you feel nothing!..Be as diligent as you can at home and out..You will still get glutened..drink tons of water when you do..eating naturally gluten-free is best..and you can find...
  3. You could just be reacting to something else..Celiac often have other triggers..I am lactose intolerant..corn and now all grains bother me..coffee and soy are reactors..Gallbladder Disease is common also..mine had to come out 4 years after my diagnosis..Research..and journal your food..Autoimmune...
  4. Ask a ton of questions when you eat out.(you can still get accidentally glutened)..read all labels..research everything..If you haven't already..get under the care of a GI..get your scopes..take a Probiotic daily and Digestive Enzymes..Goodluck.
  5. I got glutened still trying to make regular Christmas cookies one year..breathing in the flour..I know that's what happened..I quickly put on a mask..but didn't help..last year I tried that..No flour in my house again.
  6. Due to insurance issues..I DID NOT have an endoscopy in the beginning..Dr also 99% sure its Celiac Disease..I went gluten-free ..over 6 years ago..my symptoms stopped unless I get accidentally glutened... your choice..but you eventually need one to monitor you..Gluten isn't good for anyone..but you...
  7. It sounds like you have several intolerances...I am Celiac...and I am Lactose Intolerant...corn and all grains bother me..I think you need your Ferritin levels checked..that's your iron stores..and where you were having your pain..could be your Gallbladder which goes hand in hand with Celiac as well...
  8. You sound exactly like me..need to loose 30..Celiac..had to have my GB out..I was only functioning at 18%..I cannot tolerate fats..and now I have Gastropresis..which means my stomach is slow to empty food...so more restrictions..I am monitoring fat..and have to fiber as well..eggs bother me and several...
  9. All Grains bother me...You just have to test ur own body...also...Celiac is tied to Gallbladder problems...u may need to have a hydascan to test it's function..Goodluck!
  10. I started gaining before my diagnosis..which was 7 years ago..fell into the gluten-free food trap for about 6 months only...then realized it's no good for you..then I started gravitating toward the things I could have..potatoes...rice..even though they are still bad carbs...You have to find a balance...
  11. Wow....I have never heard of this reaction....so glad someone commented that can help you....My question to you is...How low was his Ferritin level??..Did He require Iron Infusions???...This is how I was diagnosed also...Mine was a 5....and D was low...I could hardly get out of bed...and thought...
  12. You and I were diagnosed at the same time...I too just had another endoscopy and colonoscopy...I too have been diagnosed.with Barratts Esophagus..I really do have it though...My intestines look good..no visible sign of Celiac..BECAUSE I AM DILIGENT!!..Please DO NOT GO BACK TO EATING GLUTEN..we are...
  13. Sounds like your Gall bladder to me..ask for a hydascan to see how it's functioning..I had no gallstones on sonogram..but only functioning at 18%..Dont wait...
  14. Agree with EVERYTHING..everyone else has said..RESEARCH is your friend..check all labels...This is a serious disease with serious consequences if you are not totally gluten-fee..yes...We have to give up alot..but your health is worth it..Try also to eat naturally gluten-free..a lot of the gluten...
  15. I have never had an issue with it.(I think it's the best tasting).but I eat pasta sparingly..and not much at a time..I tend to have problems with all grains now...That may be happening to you...Goodluck.