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  1. I called them yesterday but they didn't got the bloodtest results on time or whatever. Buy today the results came in and I am tested negative for celiac diease antibodies and anemia. It did became clear that I had a bit of a folic acid deficiency. So they advised me to eat more green vegetables,...
  2. What a story! But now you know it, you can start with a glutenfree diet to heal yourself, hope you will recover soon!
  3. So I just went to see the doctor, it was a doctor who normally doesn't work there but the others where away on vacation. He noted all my symptoms in the computer. He said that a lot of people have weird/strange symptoms like this and that it may be normal (yeah like it's completely normal to...
  4. Thanks! I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Hope the doc is a bit supportive.
  5. Wanted to make an appointment to talk about this and to get some bloodtests. But unfortunately my doctor is away for vacation or he doesn't have any space for new appointments in the coming 2 weeks. Will give them a call tomorrow to ask what the options are. Curious to see how this works out...
  6. Thanks for the reply. Now that I look on the internet it is indeed possible that that may have been a gall bladder attack. Now I am definitely going to see a Dr, as the evidence is kinda building up.
  7. Hello, I have always had “weird” symptons, I couldn’t put my finger onto it, or I didn’t had much time to do some research but now I might finally know what it is, I think I have celiac disease. Now there are a lot of people who think they have this disease after having (a few) symptons but I h...