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Weight loss also helping-or is it just gluten/casein free?

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Being gluten casein free really made me feel so much better over all (I had almost all the side effects) but it didnt do much for weight loss, and my digestive issues did improve but not a whole lot. I have always been cursed with a very slow metabolism. Being a senior now, with a sedentary lifestyle, has just made it worse. For the last couple months I have been really cutting back on the calories and exercising, and finally seeing some results as my waist is noticeably smaller. However, I am wondering if the fact I have less central obesity/visceral fat is also a factor in  my digestion improving and the fact I have less stomach pain and IBS like symptoms?  Or even if I didnt lose the weight would this long(er) period of gluten/casein free be the reason?  My body really confuses me.  Of course I will stay gluten/casein free for life, but would sure like to know if anybody else felt that losing weight, especially on the midsection,  also improved digestion and digestive issues?  Thanks and take care!

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