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I eat cross contaminated foods and testing advice

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I'm hashimotos for more than 3 years.I follow a gluten free diet due to my symptoms ( vomiting, diarrhea, eczema , spots on skin) . I didn't have celiac panel , unfortunately. I also have cow milk allergy.The problem is I try to avoid cross contamination but since my family is eating foods with gluten It's very hard.If I'm celiac , does cross contamination affect my antibody levels? Which test I should have?  

Note:I know that gluten free term stands for also cross contamination free.

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Gluten is a protein (smaller then a germ) like blood . Ff your immune system reacts to it you can easily get CC from touching foods that contain it then touching your food, having pans that have scratches in them, Tupperware, utensils that are not cleaned well, contaminated prep surfaces, toasters, condiment containers with crumbs or someone stuck in a utensil after using on gluten food, etc. are all possible areas of contamination. As I like to say if you treat it like blood and think you cant clean it where a CSI tech will not turn up blood toss it or do not use it.  

As for managing your CC issues I suggest using freezer paper on all prep surfaces for easy clean up and a safe working area, getting your own cooking area on a fold out table etc if you can. Keeping all your foods in a separate area, and your own set of cooking ware and utensil. If you can having your own microwave, griddle, crockpot/rickcooker/steamer combo appliance. toaster, in a separate area for your own cooking is best. The microwave can be used with nordicware microwave cook wear for omelettes, eggs, steam trays, grill plates, etc for on the cheap and you can always do steam pouches.

We do suggesting getting your antibodies checked every 6 months to a year to see how your doing.

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