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New and questions about testing

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Hi all! 

I recently had an endoscopy/colonoscopy. Colonoscopy was clear. Endo showed a mild hiatal hernia. The doctor took biopsies of esophagus, stomach, and upper small intestine (I am fairly sure--I was still foggy at that point). Nurse called last week and told me that my biopsies all came back with _____(I can't remember the word). When I asked what that meant the nurse said basically high white blood cell count. So they had me go for more testing. I just came back from doing lab work. My orders say: Celiac Disease Pane 2 with Reflex (Endomysial AB, IgA, total IgG, TTG) and then Urea Breath Test. They breath test was interesting, but I feel sick from the drink! I am researching the rest of the tests now. 

My question: If I were to have Celiac, wouldn't the biopsies show that? Or did I need to do all of this testing? I am very new to all this, but once she said they wanted to test for Celiac, I have been reading, and I do have a lot of the symptoms. 

Thank you for any help--I am excited to have found this resource!


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Eosinophils or lymphocytes? Maybe both? 

An increase lymphocyte cells could be suspicious for potential or early celiac if the biopsy did not catch any villi damage. But those cells can increase with other things too, such as bacterial overgrowth. Best to correlate with labs. Not sure why DGP is not on the reflex? 

Can you get a copy of the report? 


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