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Lola's Groceria

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For all those forum members that live in the New England area, notably Massachusetts, you have to go here!  No excuses, get in your car now and go.  ;)


I knew about this place a while ago but it wasn't until recently that I had the time to battle the traffic and go there to check it out.  I went specifically for the gluten-free cannoli's. Yes, you read that right.....cannoli's.  Could not tell the difference between these and gluten cannoli's. :D  Their ricotta filling is incredible and they even put the mini chocolate chips on the ends. The only warning I would give is that, like gluten cannoli's, they don't do well the next day if they have already been filled.  You have to eat them the same day as they are filled so the shell remains crisp.  It was heavenly. I haven't had a cannoli in over 12 years and it was almost a religious experience.  You can order the shells via mail order and fill them yourself to ensure freshness.  They give you the recipe for their filling.  I ate 2 this week-end (I know, what a pig) and I feel perfectly fine. These people are proud Italians, their cafe is like walking into the past (in a good way) and they take the gluten-free thing very seriously and offer a good range of items. I have a feeling there are Celiac's in their family because of the amount of food they offer and their care with making your order. Very welcoming place.

They also do gluten-free sandwiches (sub) on Schar sub rolls. I had a grilled chicken with carmelized onions and provolone.  They put the subs in the oven so the roll gets crispy. Is your mouth watering yet?  :P  They did an outstanding job and I feel great and it's been 2 days since the glutton-fest so I would say we have a winner here!


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