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Is your area great for eating out gluten free?

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Thanks Mateo,

After being a bit stunned by the property tax we're probably not going to retire in Texas. However we are planning a long vacation down there, maybe early next  year, to visit relatives so will still get to check out Austin and SAs gluten free options.

The Omni La Mansion hotel looks like a terrific place to stay so we may do that.

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1 hour ago, mateo2099 said:

I live in Houston and travel around Texas frequently.  I have family in Austin and I would agree Austin is the top spot for Gluten-free dining.  There are options in more place than not!  Its a bit surreal at first since we are always second class citizens everywhere else.   Everyone in Austin is so accommodating and knowledgeable about dietary restrictions.   

I would say San Antonio is a close cousin and close second to Austin in Gluten free options.  The best gluten-free breakfast I ever had was at Las Canarias in the Omni La Mansion hotel on the Riverwalk.  They had Gluten-free waffles, pancakes, crepes, sausage, and even Mexican breakfast choices and desserts.  

I would say Houston is probably third on the list of Gluten-friendly cities but many options are growing.  It isn't difficult to find good gluten-free choices for dining, even in the outskirts of town.  However, we lack a lot of the boutique gluten-free bakeries that Austin and SA have.  

I used to go to San Antonio every year for my birthday since I got celiac, and my family had a collapse....sort of my way to get away since no one else cared. Anyway, I must say most restaurants only accommodate gluten free in the fad sense there...most thought it was a joke. I DID find one Asian retraunt sushizushi and I got some sashimi and something called a dashi Tamagoyaki roll sort of a seasoned egg dish made with stock, eggs, mirnin, and rolled up. And I stopped at one other place and had some breakfast dish with greens and eggs, called 5pointslocal other then that I mostly cooked in my own room but I figured I had to treat myself for my birthday. -_- going to miss taking the train down there this year, just do not have the money to travel or give gifts this year.

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