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Eating before bed

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My stomach moves non-stop, even after months on the gluten-free diet. My GI told me to not eat for at least four hours prior to lying down in order to heal my small intestine. I cannot find this experience or this advice confirmed anywhere else online. Has anyone else ever had a similar experience or received similar advice from a GI? Thank you! 

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If it has only been a few months, chances are you are still healing.   The learning curve to the gluten free diet is steep.  Mistakes are made and setbacks occur that can impede healing.  Remember, you are dealing with an autoimmune disorder that is triggered by gluten.  The autoimmune reaction can occur long after the gluten is gone.  

I think your doctor might be on to something.  Giving your GI tract a break by extending your normal “fast” might be helpful, and it certainly can not hurt.  It certainly helps with managing blood sugar if you are diabetic.  

I would look to your diet.  No eating out, avoid processed foods (even certified gluten free foods), and identify other food intolerances which may help speed your healing.  Take chances with eating out only after you are feeling well.  

Most celiacs take up to a year or longer to heal depending on their damage.  Celiac disease is systemic and can effect so many body systems.  

Hang in there!  

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