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Chilis Response Letter

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Guess we have to check monthly, but that ok for me....

February 1, 2006

Thank you for contacting Chili's for information on menu items that would be suitable for your dietary needs.

At Chili's, a top priority is always the health and safety of our guests. As part of this ongoing commitment, we provide the most current allergen menu information available from our food suppliers to help our guests with food allergies and/or sensitivities make informed food selections.

Based on the most current ingredient statements available from our food suppliers and their stated absence of wheat, rye, oats and barley within these items, our corporate dietitian has compiled the list below of suggested menu options at Chili’s for individuals allergic to wheat and/or gluten intolerant. We hope that you will find this list helpful during your next visit to our restaurant. Because this list expires on a MONTHLY basis, please be sure to contact us for an updated version.

On your next visit to Chili’s, please speak with the manager about your dietary restrictions to ensure that your meal is carefully prepared with your needs in mind. However, please be aware that during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, including common fry oil, there is a possibility that food items will come into contact with wheat and/or gluten. In addition, due to the commingling of food items within our fryers, we recommend that individuals with dietary allergies avoid all fried food menu offerings.

Should you have any additional concerns or inquiries regarding our menu items, please do not hesitate to ask. We hope that you are able to choose a meal to your liking and look forward to serving you soon.




· Baked Potato Soup

Salads: Select dressings from the “Salad Dressings” list below only.

· Dinner House Salad – Order without Croutons.

Salad Dressings:

· Caesar

· Honey-Lime

· Honey Mustard

· Lo-Fat Vinaigrette

Sides: Includes Kid’s Pepper Pals and Guiltless Grill options.

· Rice

· Kettle Black or Mashed Beans

· Mashed Potatoes

· Corn on the Cob

· Steamed Veggies or Broccoli

Burgers: Omit French Fries.* Select sides from the “Sides” list above.

· Bacon or Old Timer Burger with or without Cheese – Order without the Bun.

· Mushroom Swiss Burger – Order without the Bun and Fajita Onions.

· Peppercorn Burger – Order without the Bun, Blue Cheese Dressing, and Blossom Strings. Peppercorn spice is okay.

Guiltless Grill: Select sides from the “Sides” list above only.

· Guiltless Grill Salmon

Grilled Entrees: Select sides from the “Sides” list above only.

· Citrus Fire Chicken & Shrimp – Order without seasoning on the Shrimp.

Steaks: Request dry-grilled. Select side items from the “Sides” list above only.

· Flamed-grilled Ribeye, Classic Sirloin, NY Strip – Order without Garlic Toast, Savory Steak Butter, and Herb Au Jus.


· Pico de Gallo

· Salsa

· Corn Tortillas (warmed)


· Chocolate Shake with Sprinkles (ask the manager if this item is prepared in a dedicated mixer)

Pepper Pals Kids: Select side items from the “Sides” list above only.

· Little Big Mouth Burger – Order without the Bun.


C. Payne

Guest Relations

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Guest MyKidsMom

I had my first dining out experience last night and I was so scared. I went to Chili's and timidly asked if they had a gluten-free menu and asked if my selection was gluten-free. To my surprise they made a long-distance phone call to make sure and then gave me a list with 3 ingredients that they were not sure about, one being xantham gum. They were so nice about it and very accomodating! Needless to say I will be going back! BTW, I do not feel glutened either, I was worried about CC.

It is exciting to see that some restaurants are aware of this issue!

All smiles in remote Alaska!


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Thanks for posting this! I've wondered about Chili's but haven't been there since my diagnosis.

I always wonder about burgers with bacon because a lot of bacon is cured in soy sauce. Do you think they really check the details of all the ingredients? I've eaten the burger with bacon at Outback Steakhouse and didn't have any issues. It's listed on their menu as gluten free.


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The only bacons I have seencured with soy sauce are the "cheap" variety or Farmer John's...

Hormel and Oscar Meyer and Kahn's are all pretty safe to eat (though Turkey bacons frequently have gluten in them)

For the record, I love Chili's Baked Potato Soup -- sooo damn good -- I also like the Old Timer Burger (I don;t like their mashed potatoes though -- no taste)

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I am THIRLLED to read your post. We eat at Chili's frequently and I have always ordered the grilled chicken fajitas with plain chicken, the marinade they use has soy sauce in it (go figure!), so the manager has the chef use a plain chicken breast. and of course I omit the tortillas, I eat it more like a salad. Anyway, I have not had any problems and the waitress, we always seem to get the same one!, and the manager have been very helpful and accomodating.

I never asked about the baked potato soup, just assumed it was not gluten-free, my #2 son alwasy orders it and I have wanted it so badly, but just didn't ever ask. NOW I can eat it!!!! YEAH!!!!

Kind of a pain to check in everymonth though, I wonder if they would put us on an e-mailing list so that we automatically recieve the updated list every month. We are there at least once a month!!!

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anyone know how Chili's makes their burgers? any possibility of cross contam on the grill?

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