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I had to get stitches Tuesday night on my arm and the Dr put strips of tape over the stitches. My stomach is swollen and I feel the same as if I had ingested gluten. It is a really bad laceration so I don't wan to try and pull the tape off for fear of ripping my stitches. Any advice?

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Did they give you any other medication to take orally? My thought is that the stomach issues might be associated with something you ate, rather than the tape used to cover the wound. I would advise you against taking it off unless you consult with your doctor first, as it's probably there to prevent infection.

Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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Did the doctor give you an antibiotic? 

I have Type Four Hypersensitivity to Sulfites.  Antibiotics often contain Sulfites or sulfite preservatives.  I have gotten gastrointestinal symptoms when I was given sulfur based drugs.  You may want to discuss this possibility with your doctor.

Hope this helps!

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In the 2008 I had delayed hypersensitivity to band aids and adhesives. I was concerned I was reacting to adhesives and other compounds. It was 8 years before my gluten issues were tested for.

It was a time my immune system was on high alert and reacting to everything. I called an allergist to ask for testing they missed my gluten intolerance, despite my prior inquiry they did not have testing for adhesives and manufacturing compounds,( as they initially conveyed) but determined I was not allergic to latex. They tested me for environmental allergens only and latex. Regardless I had delayed hypersensitivity IV to bandages on my skin.

I assume your gluten intolerance is diagnosed and under control ? Do you have any other allergens going rogue? I still don't know what I reacted to back then. No one confirmed. I over the years have issues with corn and it's possible corn dervatives or another component of adhesives or manufacturing upset my immune system. 

I do know when I got cc in 2016 and ended up undergoing my gluten challenge and food intolerance testing my immune system went rogue again. I'm not IgE allergic to latex or avocado by testing , but oddly enough when my immune system is rogue my body thinks avocados taste like latex to me . A nurse in the past who rolled her eyes about my latex issues dismissed my concerns. I am happy to report most medical people  themselves now wear nitrile so I am happy regardless.

The immune system in my opinion gets keyed up and makes some acute chemical surveillance associations. For me I worked in labs when younger, and I had bad gi issues then ( likely my gluten intolerance). In the past latex gloves often had gluten or corn based powder linings. My personal theory is my immune system remembers those times of high alert from undiagnosed gluten intolerance  and remains vigilant for those associations and protections.

I hope it settles down for you. It may not be as simple as the bandage or tape itself. I found in the past most allergists don't have the proper reliable testing . Most will tell you it's not IgE mediated so they prefer you to find a bandage or tape you can use then go without.

My hope is in general your immune system will settle down and you will have comfort. At the minimum I hope your medical team note your reaction even if ruled out as not IgE mediated. There is still much scientist s and the medical community doesn't know about the immune system.

Good luck 




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