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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


Book - Have You Read And What Is Your Opinion?

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I am spending a weekend in Chicago with family and during search for food places (because I will have to deal with my dad who thinks I am a little psycho about this) so I can have a list of places that are safe for me before we go, this book popped up.

I am thinking about buying this book but would really hate to waste my money on something that is pretty basic like what to watch out for in cooking oils, talking to chefs/managers, and CC.

Meaning, is this book for someone new or will it help everyone including people who have been at this for a while...thanks!

Amazon Desc. with Reviews

Also, if you have recommendations for places to eat in Chicago for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, with kids that don't cost a fortune, I would appreciate them (I found some on the Web but I am sure there are many more out there).

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Guest cassidy

I bought this book and thought it was all just common sense. They tell you what to watch out for, but after being gluten-free for 2 weeks I already knew everything. I was so excited to get it because I had been having a tough time eating out, but I was very disappointed.

The only good part is that they translate gluten and allergy phrases into other languages. That would come in handy when traveling abroad.

I wouldn't waste my money on it. I thought of putting it back on Amazon, but I don't feel right selling something I found worthless to someone else. If anyone here still wants it, I'll sell it at a good discount.

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My mom bought it for me...It is nicely organized and has great pictures--two things I like :) However, it is just general knowledge as Cassidy said. It might be worthwhile for someone though... I don't think I'll ever use it. It lists all different types of restaurants and general "guidelines" in eating within each type. ie. Thai food--these items are usually safe, but watch out for this etc... It does not list of give any specific restaurants. Does that help Kate? If you were ever up in Indy you could borrow mine :)

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Thanks but I think I will pass on your book - this is exactly what I was afraid of...Kate


I enjoyed the book. I like that it has some sample menus in various ethnic groups, and then lists which items should be gluten free most of the time, and it lists other allergies if you have them...

As for restaurants in Chicago, a group that I am a part of called the MetroCeliacs does supper clubs every month and has been putting them on a blog... feel free to take a look --


Personally, one of my favorite restuarants for gluten free food is Ben Pao. They have a gluten free menu, as well as Adobo Grill! Ben Pao is reasonably priced, and Adobo is a little more pricey.

Hope that helps. Hope you have a nice trip to Chicago! It is a great city!

Tanya in Chicago

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