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  1. Hi all! I just made another trip to NYC last week and have compiled a list of gluten-free eating options and tips for those in my local Indy group. If you would like to receive this list (in a more user friendly format - please send me an e-mail. However, I have also pasted the info below. Hope this is helpful to some of you! If you have questions, please e-mail as I don't log onto the forum very often anymore! -Jen Jen H
  2. Gluten Free Indy will be having the 4th annual Indianapolis area gluten-free Pitch-In on June 19th in Carmel, IN from 4 to 7 pm. Please e-mail Jen to rsvp or get more details: jenvanhoozer@hotmail.com This is great event that allows you to try new gluten-free recipes and make a few more gluten-free friends as well!
  3. Hi all! I wanted to share my experience driving through Knoxville, TN. My husband found Roman
  4. Just refreshing one more time
  5. Hey Patti - just droppin in to say hi! E-mail me sometime
  6. Hi all! I just wanted to spread the news about the Indianapolis area Celiac event: the [b]2nd Annual Indy Area Gluten-Free Pitch-In[/b]! It will take place on Saturday, July 12th from 4 to 7pm. We will begin the gluten-free buffet line at 5:00. The pitch-in will take place at the Van Hoozer
  7. Thanks for the message friends! I wanted to refresh this thread... If you are interested in the event, please e-mail me! There will be several vendors attending all everyone will receive a giveaway bag with product samples! It's going to be great!
  8. Hello all! It has been a while since I've been on here! I have been very involved with my local group... We are planning the 1st ever statewide Indiana Celiac meeting! Please read the details below; we would love to have you! Contact me at jenvanhoozer@hotmail.com if you are interested. Thanks! You are invited to the first Indiana State Celiac Dinner, Sunday April 20th, 2008 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM at the Kathryn Weil Center, 415 N. 26th St., Room 400, Lafayette, IN 47904. The guest speaker is Margaret O'Grady ARNP, MSN, an Adult Nurse Practitioner in the Gastroenterology Department at Indiana University Medical Center Gastroenterology Department. She will be speaking on testing, diet compliance, and complications of celiac disease if the diet is not followed. There will be an ALL GLUTEN FREE dinner with corn, dairy, and peanut-free options. $15.00 per person. Reservations must be received by April 6th, 2008 (limit 100 reservations).
  9. Hey all! I haven't been on here in a long long time! I got very involved with our local groups and haven't had time to return here! Anyway, I wanted to send a note out in case any Indianapolis Area Celiacs were reading... We have several support groups in the Indy area, and I am hosting a gluten-free pitch-in on June 9th for any Celiacs in the area! I am hoping this will be a large event. We will be sharing, food, recipes and will have some fun events too like a free raffle for some food/kitchen themed gifts. If you are interested e-mail me and I will send you the details. (Please e-mail and not personal message as I may not get the alert.) I am hoping to get a count of people asap, so if you see this, please get with me soon! Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone!! It is time to start thinking about the Indianapolis, IN Area Gluten-Free Pitch-In! I will be hosting our first community-wide gluten-free pitch-in. It will take place on Saturday, June 9th from 4 to 7pm. We will begin the gluten-free buffet line at 5:00. The pitch-in will take place at my parents' house. I ask that you RSVP to me (at jenvanhoozer@hotmail.com) by Friday, MAY 18! When you RSVP, give me the total number of people in your party who will be attending. Please e-mail me and I will give you all the event details and directions.
  11. Thanks for sharing the story! Its an encouragement to many!
  12. Some people do not choose to ck on flavorings but I do still. I either ck with manufacturer directly, if they do not list all forms of gluten, or know it is safe if no gluten is listed with certain brands (ie. Kraft).
  13. I also always just call the manufacturer myself. Sometimes this can take a day or two though...
  14. here's a random list of gluten-free bevs for you these bevs the manufacturers asserted are 'gluten-free': coke, sprite, pepsi, sierra mist, diet versions of those too bacardi rums captain morgan rums cointreau drambuie hanger one vodka j & b rare blended whiskey jose cuerov tequilas maker's mark whiskey seagram's whiskey skyy vodkas strongbow cider tanqueray gin woodchuck ciders
  15. I'm late, b/c I hardly get on here now, but Happy Birthday girl! Hope it was great!