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  1. David Burke's Flavor Spray just saw it in a magazine: contains ZERO calories ZERO fat ZERO cholesterol ZERO carbs I think there is like 20-30 some flavors has anyone tried it???????????? Sounds wonderful!!!!!!! There is a flavor of Birthday cake heck you could put it on a plain rice cake.cool website is www.flavorspraydiet.com
  2. Im kind of suprised that Taquitos sold at coscos is on there. I could have sworn that the wrap is made out of wheat flour. Anybody???? It would be awesome if it really is MY son LOVES them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. plantime I followed your directions & cooked the noodles 6 min thanks for the advice if I would have followed the directions they would have been mushy. My family loved them they smelled just like egg noodles. We usually have egg noodles with chili., but these were just as good kids loved them, husband also said they were pretty good. thanks again
  4. Do you buy it in the store on line? I think I paid 2.80 for it. at the local grocery store Giant Eagle. Later Im going to go online & see If I can find it cheaper. Maybe Blue Diamond has coupons.
  5. I have not tried any breads yet kind of leary we ate some kind of bread when we did candida diet, it was yeast ,& wheat free It just kind of layed in your stomach. I did however hear that if you get a bread machine you can make wonderful breads. Is sorghum the flour that is kind of sweet? So will we ever have a bread again that is a not so heavy that it just lays there?
  6. According to my 9 yr old dr I will gladly give up milk who needsit that stuff is the BEST!!
  7. I read the yeast connection & a few others like sugar buster I dont mean to sound like a broken record I just know that we son & I did way better in just 2 weeks on the gluten free & its more or less sugar free becuaese you have eliminated all of sugar the only thing he had was a koolaid here or there iin is lunch it some candy here & there His rash never reappeared the one that I know is caused by yeast ( in Privates) I say I would have to agree with Rachel-24 when looking bk over everything there must be an underlying problem that Im sure we will find out on mon when his test results are bk in. I mean hes either celiac or gluten free intolher either way hes bk on diet.
  8. I would think the blood tests & biopsies that my son had yesterday will show any underlying problems at least i hope so.
  9. as far as i know there arent any side affects at least we didnt have any.Im not sure if you asked but you take by mouth you put it on your tounge let it sit for awhile & then drink a glass of water.
  10. Yes my son & i took it last year it seemed to help me, but it was to big a fight to get him to take it, so I just cut off all breads, cookies anything yeasty. I finally got rid of the rash in the private area on him by soaking his feet in tea bags about15 of the in hot water then when it cooled a little,he soaked his feet for 20 min. he had the rash for a good 3 years but all the drs would give me were cremes with steroids in them. DUH as soon as you stop them it would come back. Anyhow I really like the taste of the threelac I was like hooked on them. to me they taste like pixie sticks??? I purchased the 1st box for like 48.00 the 2nd box for 37.00 on line of course asked around at a couple of health stores & they never heard of it. I read somewhere you shouldnt take asadouphlis (spelled wrong) becasue your putting to much yeast back in your system?? dont know how true that is but I think the threelac works much better. Also you still have to stay more less on a yeast free diet or it comes bk.. let me know what you think if you want to : my email is 110sad@earthlink.net
  11. I have never exper anything like that. You should prob call the Dr. If anybody is interested there is a product called THREELAC its all natural its listed on one of the autism websites, its for candia problems.
  12. My son & I both followed the yeast free diet 2 yrs ago I really didnt see much difference but when on the gluten free diet in jan for 2 wks noticed a huge difference. We were still having sugar so I guess we will have to wait till the results come bk. I just wanted to know if its poss to have both celiac & candida? I think you can but im not sure
  13. Do children with autism tend to have celiac or gluten intol.?
  14. thank you for all the replys I guess we will try the rice one to
  15. Thanks I already bought a bag of mrs. leepers I wont tell the kids but in the mean time im going to look for the tinkyada. Im guessing its corn? None of us seem real quick to try rice noodles.
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