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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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Thank you for that link. I recently was dropped down on my thyroid medication. Have been recently retested and free T3, free T4, and Ultra sensitive TSH levels are all in a normal range. I have Hashimoto's. The problem is I'm getting more tired by the day and my hands and feet are so cold even my husband asked how I was still alive. Back to the doc's office.


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Good site Fiddle Faddle!

Wow, I have ven more respect for my daughter's endocrinologist now! She relies on hpw my duaghter feels, is doing etc rather than just the blood tests. The Dr sat down with me when my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 4 (TSH was sky high at 965). She explained that people with thyroid problems have ranges of normal that they function best at - so even if the readings were in midrange normal after treatment began but there was still fatigue - then the dose would be increased. Actually much of what we were told is similar to what is on the site you listed!

Also that when people with normal functioning thyroids get sick - the body automatically produces more hormone. Someone with hypothyroidism cannot do that , so often viral illnesses hit them harder.

I notice that when my daughter gets a bad cold, she is more prone to skin boils ( skin problems happen with low thyroid levels).

I am so glad I found this site cause we have so many immune mediated problems - this is the one site where I can get info /vent / find info about others with multiple problems.


mom to 2 kids - son: Type 1 diabetic / celiac, daughter: hypthyroid/celiac/Aspergers/Kawasaki [recovered](thought to be hyper-immune response to environmental trigger). Me: Type 1 diabetic/hyopothyroid/pernicious anemia

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Thanks so much for this link! Now I wish I still lived in West Palm...

I was on meds for Hypothyroid for 6 months in 1990 and then my GP retired. My next doctor [and every one since then] have insisted on testing for TSH and T4 only and since they were/are normal - no meds!

I have only felt really great [and lost weight] for about 5 months in the past 20 years - and I was on thyroid meds. Think that matters to the doctors - NO!!

Looking for a new doctor that will listen to my symptoms and not just the test results.

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