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Clark Bent as Stupor-Man

A Couple Questions

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I would really look into threelac. It was developed in Japan and has been used there for 10 years. It does not require the strict diet. I did that diet last year and wasted away down to 116 lbs at 5'9". I stopped getting my periods and basically felt like crap. I am going to be starting threelac soon. You just need to not eat refined sugars and carbs. I don't do that anyway!!

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I would strongly consider trying threelac if what I'm doing now doesn't work, but I think the SF722 is working... I was told to expect detox symptoms and I certainly have been feeling them for the past 2 weeks...

celiac disease causes us to leave iron in the gut, which encourages fungal growth. The more likely problem is a diet failure, Stuporman have you been keeping to the diet absolutely? Or has it been there since before you were diagnosed?

I haven't cheated (on the gluten) intentionally since I went gluten-free in January... the candida's likely been present for a while... I had a candida test done the same time I did my enterolab test in February, and the candida came back positive.. I just didn't start treating it until a couple weeks ago after doing some other things first (eliminating gluten, dairy, etc... taking some supplements to help heal my gut, etc.)

Sooooo, do you think we can ease our way into the candida diet. <_< Over say 2 - 3 months.

Let's say we drop sugars and processed grains. Minimize whole grains. But, not all carbs. That's too hard on our bodies.

Gradually add some form of probiotic. Yogurt, Kefir, supplements.

Take some milder anti fungals sparingly. Pau D'arco tea, garlic, etc.

And then once we have gotten that down, completely drop the carbs while coming in for the kill with a strong anti fungal and probiotic ? <_<

That was my plan anyway :ph34r:

This whole gluten free diet was hard on my body. I reeeally don't want to go through that again. :blink:


I'm not an expert by any means, but I think that your plan is good... my nutritionist said that one of the reasons she didn't start the antifungal a few months ago was to let my body heal and restore itself by cutting out offending allergens and taking probioticts/supplements first... supposedly, what I'm feeling now, which is bad enough in itself, would have been even worse if I took the antifungal a few months ago..

I would recommend seeing a nutritionist (if you're not already) to guide you with how to treat the candida...

- Charlie

- gluten free since January, 2006

- multiple food intolerances temporarily from leaky gut and candida

- positive test for lyme disease - April, 2007

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