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Sheryl in NJ

Celiac Disease And High Blood Pressure...

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I'm so glad you asked this. I just started too  3 days ago and I  already feel less weighed down and  less fatigued and my mood has improved significantly. I was wondering if it would improve my high blood pressure as well. After reading the comments, I believe it will. I also haven't have heartburn in 2 days which is  a record for me lol. Who woulda thunk it? wheat?  ..but I digress, thank you for asking this and now I'm off to find  gluten-free booze ^.^

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I think in my case it shows a connection between gluten free vduet and hypertension. 

I got on captopril 6 months ago, because of evening spikes of diastolic blood pressure. 

I also had many Celiac  like symptoms:  weight loss, gas bloating.. Last month I started a gluten free diet without being tested for Celiac sensitive. And it seems like my stomach symptoms improved, but also the spikes of high blood pressure became less severe.. I am still taking the medication for high blood pressure but having better blood pressure readings.

This week, just to see what happens, I reintroduced gluten, and first bloating came back, now after three days of gluten, also blood pressure gone up..

Thank God I see the relation to the gluten free diet. I am going to stop gluten immediately.

Actually, after a couple of weeks on gluten free diet, I noticed it is not that difficult to quit gluten.. There are so many other options food wise. And big supermarkets have lots of gluten free products, including those to indulge yourself on some lazy days: pizzas and cookies..

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