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I eat a TON of the Thai Kitchen rice noodle bowls (Mushroom flavored is my fav). By a ton, I mean usually one for breakfast every day.

I just checked out their website because my grocery store cannot keep up with my consumption, and they don't have a very large selection, either. And I thought it would be awesome if I could order direct from the manufacturer.

Turns out you can! :D They have all their products with nutritional listings (states clearly gluten free, vegan, and other common allergens). They're cheaper than at the grocery store.

AND. The very best part. They have a flat shipping rate of $3 for any purchases over $25. I just spent $60+ on their food, and only $3 on shipping!

I know a lot of people already have set food routines that work for them. But if anyone is looking for a change, their noodle bowls and trays are actually quite good. Cheap. Easy. Portable. All you need is hot water or a microwave and a few minutes to let the noodles set and cook. They're great to bring to work or school (if you have a microwave).

I was just excited that they had a store and I didn't have to go through some long process to order in bulk.

-- Courtney

Courtney - 25

Columbia, SC

Gluten-free since July 8, 2006

Casein-free since October 16, 2006

Went six weeks, and fell back into a deliciously painful world of cheese.

Casein-free (again and for serious this time) December 11, 2006

Stupid cheese addiction....2/07

Dx Hypothyroid in 1993

Dx Gluten & Casein Sensitive through Enterolab 10/06

Dx Adrenal *Exhaustion* 2/07

Originally from WI, I am still in denial over my newfound casein intolerance. I fear I will not be allowed back into the state if I can no longer eat cheese and drink milk. This could pose some trouble over holidays when I wish to visit my family. It also poses a problem involving the severe rage I feel when I have to throw away somebody's unfinished cheese sticks. That is so wrong.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

ohh!! i cant get enough of the peanut noodles and i always buy out my stores stock and then have to wait like 2 weeks to get more in!!

thanks for the info!!

i eat these EVERY day also!!!


diagnosed 1/2005

gluten free since 1/2005


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Guest jhmom

Thanks for sharing Courtney, I love the "spring onion" but have a hard time finding it, some stores around me carry and some don't! Thanks again

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Thats really good to know!!!

I loveee their soups and rice, they come in very handy for easy meals at college :P

...Mushroom is definitely my favourite!


...Flames vs. Panthers, and Lifehouse, were best experiences OF MY LIFE!!...

...26 years old...

...Look in my forum profile for ways to read my public sports articles...

R.I.P. Uncle Gus (Sept. 21, 1971 - Oct. 2, 2004) ... R.I.P. Baba (Oct. 12, 1911 - Feb. 28, 2006) ... R.I.P. Uncle Lawrence (Aug. 7, 1943 - Jan. 4, 2009)

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Guest nini

I love their Thai Yellow Rice mix it's so yummy but I can't find it anywhere around here... I just may have to place an order!

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I love Thai Kitchen, I mainly use their sauces. I love how they have an allergy list.

Carrie Faith

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in March 2004

Postitive tTg Blood Test, December 2003

Positive Biopsy, March 3, 2004

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Sounds great! I may take those when we travel this November!!

Negative biopsy for celiac 1980

Fibromyalgia 1980

IBS 1980

Interstitial Cystitis 1992

Systemic yeast

Diagnosed w/ Chronic Lyme Disease 2000

Diagnosed w/ Chronic babesia 2000

Tachycardia 2001

Asthma 2005

Have had Lyme and babesia for

about 48 yrs.

Began gluten-free July 19 '06

Native TEXAN living in Missouri

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$3.00 s/h??? I placed two orders from different companies this last week and the s/h totaled more than $40!


South Georgia

9 yrs gluten-free

...also DH, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, osteopenia, hypothyroid...

After almost 10 years, I am doing soooo much better!

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