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Lack Of Menstral Cycle Before Being Diagnosed

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My celiac's wasn't triggered/'woken up' until this summer, when I had an intestinal parasite. I had the GI symptoms and night sweats and reported those to my doctor - who then referred me to a specialist. I also had the lightest periods in my life this summer, but I just thought I was starting menopause and didn't even bother to mention those symptoms to either doctor (I'm 40).

After I was diagnosed with celiac's and went gluten-free, my periods returned to normal. I didn't make the connection until I was reading about celiac's and infertility in numerous books. I plan to mention that to my doctors next time I see them - doctors out there need all the real-life education they can get.

I'm now telling anyone I know who has unexplained infertility to ask for a celiac panel bloodwork.

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