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Food Diary "a Day In The Gluten-free Life"

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I'm on about a year off gluten now. I'm amazed reading these replies, though, at how few veggies most people eat - some don't have anything green listed at all! And we're obviously not starving in the starch department. ;) For me, I try to limit my egg intake to two per week, and that's usually on weekends. We will do an omelet with spinach or asparagus and mushrooms and onions, with some garlic rosemary roasted potatoes, and start that with a grapefruit. We usually share a grapefruit each weekend morning. We also do pamela's pancakes on weekends. During the week though, it's pretty predictable.

Breakfast - handful homemade tamari roasted almonds, banana, gluten-free/caffiene free tea. We're on mandarin orange spice Yogi tea lately, with a little honey. At work I have another cup of tea - usually numi honeybush with some almond breeze. Sometimes I have cereal - panda puffs - at work with almond breeze.

lunch - usually short grain brown rice with steamed veggies - carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, and mushrooms - whatever's handy in the morning - topped with some Organicville Sesame Goddess dressing. Or some Amy's lentil soup, or black bean vegetable, with a gluten-free roll from the local co op.

snacks - bumble bars, especially chocolate. Glutino cookies or pamela's cookies now and then. Mission gluten-free tortilla strips. Lundberg rice chips - especially the sesame seaweed.

dinner - living in the northwest, we get salmon a lot. My default marinade is gluten-free tamari, honey, ginger, garlic, and mirin. We also will do halibut in wine and capers, or simple sauteed tilapia with garlic and pepper. I cook almost exclusively with Frantoia olive oil. We will have fish with steamed vegetables and brown rice (I eat a lot of brown rice since this all started, and it's amazing what a difference it makes in my health.) For comfort food I will make a tuna casserole with tinkyada pasta. I make a lot of soups at home in the winter - potato leek, black bean, broccoli, carrot ginger - they're great in the winter for lunches the next day.

We use the gluten free pantry bread mix and I make a loaf a few times a month. We also get kinnickinnick english muffins to use as buns for salmon burgers or Sunshine burgers. I make homemade fries. We have what we call epic salads about one a week, just a huge plate of salad green with lots of veggies and whatever's around in the fridge - cold potatoes chopped and tossed with a little dijon vinaigrette (organicville), roasted beets tossed with balsamic vinegar, and some tuna makes a really great dinner salad. He likes a hardboiled egg on his. I will make rice or quinoa salads in the summer with green onions, artichoke hearts, cooked salmon, almonds, and organicville miso ginger dressing, or a quinoa/blackbean/onion/corn/red pepper salad with some cumin and coriander is a nice change too.

I try to eat as many veggies as possible in a day. I put them in everywhere I can. I try to eat some short grain brown rice every day, even if it's just tossed with some steamed broccoli alongside a sunshine burger on a bun.

ok. i'm rambling. hope someone gets some ideas from all of this.

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