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I'm So Excited!

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This is a very good post. I believe my grandmom (on my mom's side) had celiac and my mother has it. My grandmother got some kidney stones removed :blink: pretty much every year up until she died from intestinal cancer and some other issues, that I think are related to celiac. Well, before I was diagnosed I could drink gallons of water each day and still be thirsty. Somehow my body was unable to use all that water. And now, three years after my diagnosis and strictly glutenfree since, I have it once in a while, that my kidneys hurt. But I never was THAT thirsty anymore since going glutenfree. I know, I should get myself checked out about that, but that's another story. My 2 cents are, kidney problems actually are related to celiac.

but I was a good boy and just drank a Mt. Dew.

Oooh, I love it :lol: said very funny

Anyway, I don't think it's just gluten. I think that most people in the general public, to some degree, shouldn't be eating wheat. I mean, it's a grass seed. A seed ... from grass ! Then, they go in, process it, and by the end of it, there's like a zillion particles of grass seed in a bowl of pasta. Wouldn't it make sense that humans were meant to eat Sweet Potatoes and Zucchini rather than a million zillion grass seeds in a single serving? Whatever. My husband isn't "gluten intolerant", but has noticed also that his head is clearer, and he feels better when he stays away from it.

This is exactly what I'm thinking. However people laugh at me, when I talk about my opinion. Humankind was not meant to eat wheat. We are not cows, we don't eat grass :blink: Very well said, I share the same opinion.

Hugs, Stef


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