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  1. I used to work at Fuddruckers - ~1987 (as a baker, of all things - buns, cookies, brownies, etc.). The bakery was separate from the burger station, but man - when I think of Fuddruckers, all I think now is gluten, gluten, gluten. Personally, unless they were making a sincere attempt to separate...
  2. What a wonderful description of a really neat experience ! I was telling my mother that maybe in the next couple years, we'd (the hubby and I) forego the annual Hawaii trip and sneak away to South America. Captures a zest for life and folks that few people appreciate. I'd love to go there someday...
  3. Hmmmmm ... thanks Nikki. I had no idea it was so anti-oxidanty. I'm definitely going to try it - after my lab tests this week. It's not nearly as bazaar as I thought it might be. I'm game.
  4. I really don't expect that anyone will know what this is, but I'm gonna hope for the best. Okay - here it is - My mother brought me a gift from Argentina. It's really bazaar. I'm wondering what's in it. It's called Mate Tea Elaborado. I've searched the internet, but can't find any info in...