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Cravng Gluten!

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I lost my other post....not sure what happened to it.

I'm 12.5 weeks and craving mac & cheese (I'm dairy free too). Rich, creamy, buttery, cheddery, bubbly homemade mac & cheese from the restaurant down the street where I used to eat it by the pound. It had just a little bit of crust on the top and the cheese just melted in your mouth.... I ate gluten-free real cheese mac & cheese once and paid for it the next two days but it was oh so delicious. Now I stick to my gluten-free/CF Mac & Chreese which, well it satisfies the immediate need.

I was really nauseous for a few weeks and I found that tortilla chips, flavored rice crackers, potato chips and those fake ritz crackers by glutino helped a lot. Now I'm not so nauseous all the time, it comes and goes, but put a piece of chicken in front of me and I want to hurl :(


Diagnosed with Celiac Disease February 2007

Finally feeling better than ever!

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