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silly celiac


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For those of you who have battled the yeast demon:

How did you figure out that it was the problem?

I know the obvious symptoms of the typical female yeast infection, but I'm wondering more about problems with yeast overgrowth in the guts.

What symptoms were you experiencing?

Is there a test... or is it just looking at the "big picture" of symptoms and trial-and-error treatment??

Let's leave it at that for the moment. I'd love to hear about treatment, but I want to KNOW that it's my problem before I try to tackle that. ;)

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

I have a yeast intolerance, not candida. Even after a year on antibiotics for doctor suspected lyme disease, I had no problems with yeast infections. However, I run a fever, have brain fog for days, extreme fatigue within 30 minutes for hours after, and digestive issues when I eat yeast products.


gluten-free since July 2004

Other Intolerances:

Strawberries and Banannas (2007)

Nitrates (April 2006)

Yeast (which includes all vinegar so no condiments) (Oct. 2004)

Peanuts (Nov. 2004)

Soy (Oct. 2004)

Almonds (Sept. 2004)

Corn (Sept. 2004)

Lactose/Casein (1999)

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