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Sailing Girl

The Extent Of This Is Mind-boggling ...

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I'd love to get the name of the speaker/researcher that your doc saw. I was looking around to see if I could find him, and found this about celiac and thyroid disease:

<a href="http://www.gluten.net/downloads/print/celiac disease%20and%20Thyroid%20Conditions.pdf" target="external ugc nofollow">http://www.gluten.net/downloads/print/celiac disease%2...0Conditions.pdf</a>


Kate....I have an appointment with her on the day after Christmas and I will ask her the name of the physician who gave the talk. This is not mainstream medicine, obviously, because he wouldn't have been so knowledgeable about it. These are doctor's who have bucked the traditional route and have done their own research and actually listened to their patients. I'll post when I have more information.

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Oh I see it everywhere too. My BIL has MS, and I can't help but wonder if a gluten-free diet would help him. My mother suffers from the same fatigue and allergies I do. My MIL has IBS. FIL has GERD and a myrid of health problems. Both inlaws briefly went on low-carb diets and looked and felt great, but didn't make the connection. My DH has GERD also, and IBS like symptoms, though not diagnosed. Because of my new diet, his diet is now essentially gluten-lite, and I've noticed his reflux is a lot better. I'm hoping to convince him to try the diet for 2 weeks.

I'm too new to this to suggest it to other people besides my husband. But eventually, I want to. I'm waiting to feel better so I can be a good example of how gluten-free can help.

Celiac blood testing negative July 2007

Confirmed diagnosis of wheat allergy by skin test Dec 2007

Gluten-lite since July 2007 (didn't know all the hidden sources of gluten)

Gluten-free since December 2007

Life Long Symptoms

Extreme fatigue--needing 10-12 hours of sleep and still woke up exhusted

Allergic to everything--allergies remained out of control despite shots and strict enviornmental controls in my home.

Severe "sinus" headaches

More Recent Symptoms

IBS symptoms

Severe stabbing stomach pains that started 6 months before diagnosis of wheat allergy.

In my heart I feel it is more than an allergy and that I am gluten intolerant. This is based on my how eerily my childhood maladies match most celiac's histories, and my more recent increase in the severity of my usual symptoms and new digestive symptoms that have already started to subside on the gluten-free diet.

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I read an article that said only 1 in 10 Celiacs in Australia are diganosed which was me for over 45 years. "IBS" diagnosis is rife however...go figure

Diagnosed Eczema 1964 aged 16 but with what I know now from research am sure it was Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome 1969 at age 21 but had it from age of 12 many painful episodes over the years( was probably Coeliac all along)

Diagnosed Hashimoto's Disease/Hypothyroid November 1994

Low B12 November 2006

Low B12 (still!) July 2007 Docs are happy with results just above low end of normal..*sigh*....still need to resolve it

Gluten free since October 2006 after failing gluten challenge

Diagnosed Hiatus Hernia and Los Angeles Grade A reflux via endoscopy October 2007

Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease via same endoscopy / biopsy October 2007 (took them long enough!) despite being gluten-free damage still evident although had been taking iron tablets for iron deficiency without realizing they contained gluten. Subsequent blood tests show :Positive Anti-Gliadin IgA EIA antibodies, Positive Endomysial antibodies ,Positive tTG IgA antibodies of 300 ("normal" range 0-15)

Auto-immune disease goes back at least 5 generations in my family (and counting) Mainly Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Number 1 Son has Type 1 diabetes ..diagnosed March 2007 at age 31, number 2 son aged 24 is A/I disease free so far ,daughter has lichen planus ( similar to psoriasis) diagnosed 2003 at age 17 am now wondering if it is DH but with flippancy of the young she won't get any testing done

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There is a link between a lot of neuro "mental' disorders and gluten. Try putting celiac and neurological manifestations in a search engine. There has been stuff with links posted here and there is quite a bit on the net.

You know, I would get really bad panic attacks while driving. Since I've gone gluten free, it's been a while since I've had one. The real test would be driving on the highway - that's where I'd get the worst attacks. I've got to plan a road trip somewhere . . .


Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 1992

Diagnosed Adult ADD and Panic Disorder 2005

Diagnosed Gluten Intolerant 2006

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