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Other People Touching Your Food.

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The problem is he doesn't believe in food allergies to start with. And he has the assumption that even if we do have food allergies, one bite of something isn't going to hurt us. I keep trying, but I think it's a lost cause.

That's the problem, so many people don't believe in food allergies, they think it's just fussy eating. I've been told it's not that bad, it's all in my head, it was made up by doctor, one bite won't hurt me... (lets see them deal with the explosive diarrhoea and severe stomach cramps!). Unless someone has some kind of intolerance or allergy, they can't imagine what it's like for us. I've even seen serious news items on how food intolerance is the new fashionable fad!

On the plus side, when my mother came to visit, I told her all about it, and she's gone away and done some research on it, and called me back to say how expensive gluten-free food was, and she' been checking labels and was surprised at how gluten was in EVERYTHING! It' surprising how some people understand, and others just have a complete blind spot - as if being gluten free was a faddy diet, not an annoying, irritating and threatening illness

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