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Can Someone Explain Leaky Gut To Me?

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I am gluten-free now for 2 weeks. I still feel like poo. I know That I am still getting traces og G though because I live with my inlaws and they don't get it! Especially my father in law! I think I make have otherintolerances too though. Anyway, what is leaky gut syndrom? How do you know that you have it? What causes it? Thanks!

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Check out this website:


That is the best way that I have seen it explained and the symptoms that it involves.

Hope that helps!

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Basically the intestinal lining becomes comprimised either by gluten/celiac, candida, improper imbalance of bacteria, ect and food proteins leak through into the bloodstream. Then the body sends out antibodies to fight off the invaders. This causes many food reactions that you might not normally have if you did not have leaky gut.

L-glutamine is good at healing this condition. There are others but I cannot remember them offhand. Once you heal leaky gut, be sure to replenish the good bacteria with a good quality human strain probiotic such as Natren.




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