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Pre-diabetic Or Slow Thyroid Before Diagnosis?

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I suffered with hyperinsulinism and hypoglycemia for years then finally ended up diabetic about 11 years ago. I now know that I have had GI issues for years - my problem seems to be carbohydrates in general, not just gluten.

The only 2 times in my life I was well was when I ate low-carb and I am kicking myself now for not keeping it going.

Any damage to the gut will cause malabsorption. Nutrient deficiency impacts on the cells and if the cells can't function properly then disease will result.

I read recently somewhere that one doctor is finding that virtually all her patients with 'auto-immune' diseases also end up with Celiac. I beg to differ. I believe that Celiac is there all along, albeit in a 'silent' form. It is the Celiac or Gluten Intolerance that is causing the deficiencies that result in the so-called 'auto-immune' diseases.

Medical Science does not know what causes these diseases so they label them as 'auto-immune', but no-one is ever looking for deficiencies as a cause.

When I first started on gluten-free I was getting symptoms of thyroid deficiency. I took Kelp tablets for a while and after 2 weeks or so it was a lot better. Now my gut is healing I just take a good multivit and mineral every day.

Ali - 50 - struggled with what I now know to be GI symptoms and poor carb digestion for at least 35 years! Diabetic type II (1997). Mother undx Celiac - lifelong diabetic Type 1 & anemic (plus 1 stillborn and 10 miscarriages after me). Father definitely very GI.

Stopped gluten & dairy, Jan 08, but still other issues so dropped most carbs and sugar and have been following the Specific Carb Diet (SCD) since March 08. Recovery slow but steady and I can now eat a much broader range of foods especially raw which are good for my digestion and boost my energy level.

Not getting better? Try the SCD - it might just change your life.........

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