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Adrenal Fatigue

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So, I have every reason to believe I have adrenal fatigue. I'll list some triggers below, so you can skip it if you dont want to read my way-too-long writing. What I found on line, tho, was rather limited. I seem to remember it said to rest a lot and avoid any stimulating supplements (that was what first made me drop my sam-e, and i'm also off caffiene right now)

Are there any other things to help get over adrenal fatigue?

(list of stressful events between lines)


Why adrenal fatigue? first marriage, which started on a non-violent commune, ended w me charging him w assault and getting a protective order, which was devestating. Being a single mom isnt as much fun as they say it is. Then I got laid off, heart broken and laid off again in the following year. Then I moved to the 'big city' (and got shingles becuase i so overdid it during the move), fell in love, got pregnant, got married, quit work, had a baby (my third), bought a house and moved, went back to work because hubby's green card was delayed, hated having a baby in daycare . .. baby had ear surgery, husband announced he didnt want to be married . . . around this time, middle child was dx'd w about 6 different psych disorders . . . 6 mo of fighting w hubby and me crying hysterically several times a day, he moved out for 3 mo, then came back . .. and 6 mo later he told me i could quit work.


So I finally had a chance to start to decompress from all this, and decided I should also address my food issues. I've been home since June and I do feel so much better . .. but I feel like i'm not ready to go back to work yet, i still dont like my energy level or mood, but it IS better when i'm not glutened . . . anything else I might want to try? Note, supplements are now being added like a food on an elimination diet, only 1 food (or supplement or spice) every 4 days. I just added flax seed oil, but thats my only one right now. I did try a multi-B and reacted to it.


Cara - 42, mom to dd 15, ds 12, ds 4

Off gluten and dairy (and tapioca ;-( ) since 11/07

A.L.C.A.T. test showed over 50 sensitive foods

Celiac panel came back negative.

Regular allergy testing reacted to every inhalant and all but 6 foods.

Slowly adding in foods, started w 19 and now have 25

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