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Has any one did bacterial metabolism test?(urinary)

What was the result?


My doctor just ordered the organic acid test (OAT) from Great Plains Lab....I'm waiting for the kit which should arrive in a few days.

The test is frequently used for determining some of the issues related to metabolism and dysbiosis that are common in autism.

I think this is a great test because it looks at alot of different things...although the main focus is yeast/bacteria.

These are the things which are tested:

Yeast/fungal metabolites

Bacterial metabolites

B-vitamin deficiencies

Antioxidant deficiencies

Inborn errors of metabolism

High oxalate levels

Exposure to solvent toxins

Neurotransmitter metabolites

Indications of diabetic conditions

Citric acid (Krebs) cycle metabolites

Fatty acid abnormalities

Clostridia overgrowth

Glycolysis metabolites

Amino acid metabolites


65 compounds total

Based on the results treatment options would be:

Diet modification

Diet supplementation, primarily with nutrients which increase the quantity of beneficial bacteria (e.g. lactobaccilli) in the GI tract

Oral antifungal or antibacterial (anaerobic) medications

Vitamins and Antioxidants

I know that I have yeast issues...as that has already been determined in the past. I ordered a yeast culture and sensitivity test that can be added on to the OAT.

The OAT is a urine test which looks for yeast and bacteria metabolites (plus the other things previously listed). The culture and sensitivity "add-on" is a stool test. If yeast is cultured in the stool they will then test various antifungals (both prescription and natural) to determine which treatment is most effective against the yeast. If there's a yeast problem this info. is valuable since some antifungal treatments may be ineffective.

I'm also wanting to know about my oxalate levels and thats one of the things included in the OAT panel. High oxalates are associated with yeast and other fungi.


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