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Montauk, Long Island, Ny

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Hi, I'll be vacationing in Montauk on Long Island in a couple of weeks...my first trip since I've been diagnosed so I'm a little nervous. Does anyone know of any gluten-free friendly restaurants in the area.

Thanks for your help. :D


Gluten Free - February 16, 2008

Diagnosed with positive bloodwork and biopsy.

No digestive symptoms for the past 25 years, but did have severe anemia, osteoporosis, lactose intolerance and RLS at time of diagnosis.

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I haven't been since being gluten-free, but I just wanted to say that I loveeeeeeee montauk. I used to go there every summer until I was 14. The beaches are gorgeous and the people are so nice. Where are you staying?

Actually, I suppose I can suggest a few restaurants with naturally gluten-free options. The Amagansett Farmer's Market has absolutely delicious fresh produce. Gosling's Dock (I think that's the name) has delicious lobster. Let's see...Turtle Crossing in Amagansett has tex-mex type food that would probably be easy to adapt to gluten-free. Their grilled corn is delish! Other favorite restaurants (although I don't know if they would be gluten-free) are Lunch (subtitled "the lobster roll") and cyril's clam bar.

My grandparents used to rent a house in Amagansett (10 mins outside of montauk) for the whole family for the summer. We used to do a lot of our own grocery shopping and eat in a lot too. Lunch almost every day was a picnic on the beach! Cooking for yourself is definitely an option, depending on where you're staying.

Gluten Free since 10/07

Mildly Lactose Intolerant, slight intestinal symptoms after eating milk products, but easily corrected with lactase enzyme

Endometriosis- DX'd 5/07

Gluten Antibodies- "negative"...don't know exact numbers, am highly suspicious...

DXed celiac 12-19-07 via genetics/elimination diet- DQ2 allele

Brother with Celiac, aspergers...his tests were all negative (he didn't have genetics done), including endoscopy, but he definitely is at the least gluten intolerant...highly suspect my mother has it as well- she has hyperthyroid, fibromyalgia, hemochromatosis, and now colon cancer, and she has been weak and exhausted and just generally sick. She's going to get tested.

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I go to Montauk every year for 4th of July. Gosman's is easy because you can always just get lobster. Eating in town there is a restaurant called MTK, that is always very helpful. I was talking to the owner last year and her son has major food allergies, so she understands the concept of cross contamination.

I generally bring some gluten-free muffins for breakfast and a loaf of gluten-free bread to make myself sandwiches for lunch. You can go to IGA and get pre-packaged coldcuts there.

The fudge at Fudge N' Stuff is AMAZING, and I simply tell them to clean the knife when they cut mine. In addition to that, I notice she always cuts it from a section that has not yet been touched.

If you go into East Hampton, I usually go to Citarella for lunch there. They have a delicious cold chicken and tomato salad with onions that you can get by the pound.

There is also a place in Bridgehampton, The Hampton Chutney Co. that the dosas are naturally gluten free, so you can get just about anything there.

Hope I didn't post this to late.


Positive Blood test and Biopsy

Inflamed stomach lining

Gluten free since July 6, 2005

Tarrytown, NY

"Sometimes being a b$tch is all a woman has to hold onto." - Dolores Claiborne

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