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Not sure if anyone has posted about this, but I recently discovered the most delicious bread crumbs. They are made by Aleia's. It is a bakery in CT; and until recently only available through them, but are now being carried by many Whole Foods.

I haven't tried anything other than the bread crumbs, but definately plan to. The breadcrumbs are very, very close to 4C. Delicious!! After tasting them, I won't use any other brand.

You can call and see if they distribute to a store near you. It seems all of the Whole Foods in NYC & the White Plains one carry her products and I know many (if not all) of the Whole Foods in Long Island and CT do aswell.

If they aren't available in your area, I know the bakery ships, because that is how I got the bread crumbs in the first place after learning about them on a NYC Celiac meetup forum.



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