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Celiac Disease Vs. Gluten Sensitivity

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Thanks for explaining that. The labwork looked as clear as mud :D IgA and IgG Antibodies were also tested. And the disclaimer was for all tests.

What I meant to say is that when IgA deficiency is found....they would have to repeat the Celiac tests and check only IgG antibodies. The Celiac panel consists of 4 tests....plus the one for IgA deficiency. Every test is checking the IgA antibodies....except for the antigliadin IgG (which by itself is not specific for Celiac).

So when IgA deficiency is found....the tTG and EMA (the 2 most specific tests in bloodwork) would need to retested using IgG antibody testing in place of the IgA.

This is not typically done unless the patient shows up as being clearly IgA deficient in the first set of tests. Alot of times the doctors arent even checking for IgA deficiency and this is why many people (at least 10%) can end up with false negative bloodwork.

Antigliadin IgG is routinely checked....but thats the only IgG test that is usually ordered. Its also the least specific for Celiac....so even if the person has Celiac...if they are not aware of IgA deficiency...they are going to end up with false negative bloodwork for Celiac.


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