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Anyone Else Lose Their Childhood?...

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It is sad that you had to deal with ill health for your growing years but it is wonderful that you have the courage and intelligence to start figuring out what your problems are. Don't be discouraged if the gluten tests come back negative or inconclusive because they are not completely accurate and there are other problems which can be cured or improved and you will figure it out. Before going gluten free I felt that I had not had a happy moment in my life but as I've healed I can now recall some happy moments, it was the continual depression leaving me so negative.

Although eating gluten is necessary for the tests you could start eliminating some foods such as cow's milk,corn, soy which may be causing some problems. Some years age I took large amounts of turmeric which lifted my depression (see recipes online) - it's an anti inflammatory herb/spice and it also won't allow some toxin producing enteric bacteria to grow in you and it is these toxins which can cause depression. Other messages can advise you on vitamins and supplements. Also read some of the messages on opoid withdrawal - both gluten and casein have opoids and are addictive.


HLA-DQ B allele 1 *0602: HLA-DQ B allele 2 *0302

Gluten free and Cow Dairy free since 2006

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