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Biopsy Report Questions

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I had my small bowel/intestinal mucosa slides from 2008 reread. However, I do not think I was eating enough gluten at the time. I think there were 5 samples/fragments taken. Here is some of what the report said. The pathologist sent me 3 pictures from the slides, but I can't really tell anything form them.

1. Preserved villious architecture.

2. No significant intraepithelial lympocytosis. (Does that mean there were some found?)

3. No active inflammation. (The pathologist told me there was a little inflammation. He said it was in the normal range. He did not say where it was found or anything.)

4. The histologic changes do not suggest celiac sprue. (The pathologist told me there was some change. He did not go into detail.)

I had another biopsy in 2005 that said:

1. "chronic gastritis, marked"

2. rectal- "mild renerative change" (I'm not sure what this means)

My doctor didn't order the full Celiac blood panel. I do have the HLA DQ2, DQ8, DR4, and DR7 genes.

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