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Has anyone had any issue with a generic form of Lomotil. I have taken this medication off and on for years. Summertime is always rough on my digestive system and sometimes I have to resort to Lomotil to help quiet things down. I only need maybe 3-4 a month, but it helps.

Got a new prescription filled and it was a different manufacturer. Took it at 8:15AM, by 11:30, I could hardly swallow without extreme pain in my back and then I broke out in a cold sweat and felt faint. It evidently passed, but it was scary and all I could do was assoicate it with the medication.

I have had blood work done recently and an EKG and everything was fine. Has anyone else had issues with meds.



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Meds do not have the same labeling regs that foods do. That means we have to have the pharmacist check the gluten statis frequently when the med is generic. Make sure your pharmacist has noted in your record that you are celiac and that they take the time to check before they fill the script. If the pharm does find it is not safe they can then contact the doctor and get the script changed to a variety that is safe for you.

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