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I would like to buy some brown rice, sorhgum, millet and maybe some other grains to use in baking. If I grind them myself they will be fresher and healthier. I know that oats are commonly produced and grown near/with wheat. Is this a common problem with other grains? Does anyone ever buy grains in bulk? Where do you get them?

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I have had problems with grains. The last bag of millet I got was from a place that said that they process only millet and no wheat is grown within 100 miles of their fields. While I was transferring the big bag of grain to smaller containers I noticed some other types of grain in there. They sure looked like wheat. We phoned them and they said that they use shared combines and they could have picked up some wheat there. Now I sort and wash all my grain. I still try to get it as pure as possible. Sorghum from Twin Valley Mills, rice from Lundbergs, and millet from Eden Organics, rather than the other place that had the wheat in it.

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