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Hi all,

I've been lurking these boards for 3 months now but had not registered yet. I just wanted to introduce myself. As you can see by my signature line, (which I hope looks ok o: I just registered today) I've been pretty sick my whole life. I went gluten-free by "accident" back in April. I woke up one day craving salads sooo bad, I ate them for lunch and dinner for 8 days straight! By the end of the week, I was feeling better than I've EVER felt...in my life. I thought long and hard and realized I had not eaten any breads or pastas that week. I googled "bread reactions" which led me to wheat and gluten links. The rest is history.

I went to a gastro who did the blood tests. The initial were negative because I had been gluten-free for 8 weeks at the time of testing. The gene test, however, was extremely high so I do carry the gene. The endoscopy may not be accurate 3 months gluten-free so my doc and I have not decided on that yet. However, he is treating me like Celiac's because my symptoms are so severe. I've been "glutened" by accident 4 times since April and it was not pretty. :wacko: I still have alot of healing to do, but life is soooo much better gluten-free. If I eat it my ulcers go crazy, my ankles and hands swell, stomach swells like I'm pregnant, major fatigue, joint aches, migraines, foggy-brained to where I can't drive...like so many the reaction is just hideous. Bloodwork shows my B-12 is low so I'm currently taking shots for that.

I've already switched my food, most cosmetics etc. but I'm sure I'll have lots of questions coming up! I just wanted to thank everyone on these boards because you've all helped me tremendously! I love this website! :wub:

p.s. Please be careful at Bonefish Grill. I got horribly glutened even although the waiter told the chef to mix my salad in a separate bowl. The manager informed me after I had eaten the salad the chef in error mixed it with a contaminated bowl and didn't catch it till it was too late. (I had pushed two small lumps to the side of my empty plate thinking it was hardened cheese...just to be safe...it was crouton bits! Death...ugh!) I got soooooo sick the next day. Salads at restaurants BAD!

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YAY!! Another lurker out of the shadows!!! :ph34r:

Welcome to the site!! I love it, too! It's has been a huge source of info for me, and I hope it is for you too.

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Yes, welcome, and glad you jumped in. No sharks in this pool :lol: :lol:

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