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Gluten Testing Kits For Foods

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Mc Donald's fries are a controversy for gluten. A man is even sueing them for getting sick after eating them and he has celiac. I stay safe and keep away from restaurants all together unless they have a gluten free menu and still you really don't know. I did find places online that sell gluten testing kits so when you go out to eat you can test your food before eating it. I bought some and I am waiting from the kit to be delivered. Do a search online and there are a few who offer them. Also there are so many ingredients in the recipies you wouldn't believe. Soy is in so many items now a days. Sometime some of us can eat out and don't realize that foods may have many other things in them that may bother us that we are not aware. Try a test kit to help and if something still bothers you listen to your body and stay away from those items.

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