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Confused/concerned About Labeling

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How do u really know if products are gluten free? is it safe to eat products that specify "made on shared equipment or made in a facility that also processes wheat" even if it says gluten free? TJ's sells gluten-free waffles but it also says made in a facility that also handles wheat ingredients.

Then there are the Turtle Mountain coconut & soy based products...they have products with & without gluten but are the ones labeled gluten-free really safe?

id appreciate it if someone can clear this up for me


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I can't answer about the Turtle Mountain stuff but I do avoid anything that is made in the same facility especially when the item is an item that is 'flour' based.

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Well, this is a sensitive subject for me. I just went to Turtle Mountain's website:


I recently switched to coconut milk...I have been drinking Turtle Mountain's SoDelicous Coconut Milk..one was vanilla flavored (all they had at the time) and unsweetened. I felt so much better with the dairy gone from my diet, and all I was getting was maybe 1 cup, maybe 1 1/2 daily. But, then I got hit with nagging symptoms, tummy not right, muscle aches, then anxiety, tears...I had been glutened.

I have talked with others who have reacted to their ice cream also: Purely Decadent. In their website, it states the chocolate ice cream has *less then 10ppm of gluten. I can't drink the milk, nor will I eat the ice cream again.

I feel all grains have a CC problem, for some gluten intolerant's, it's not a problem to have less then 20ppm, yet some of us can't handle any ppm. So, the choice is yours. If you know you are super sensitive, I would stay away from Turtle Mountain. I haven't touched the milk since Monday, and am feeling better. My tummy, on the other hand, will take some time to not be touchy. :(

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