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Redbridge Beer At Qwest Field (seattle)!

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So, there I am, entering the stadium with wife, sis and Dad to watch Barcelona crush the Sounders last night. Wife and sis are trying to figure out what to eat, and suddently my Dad says "Hey...it says gluten free on the menu." We go check it out - gluten free candy, gluten free chips and....gluten free beer!

It took a good 15-20 minutes to get over the shock of being able, once again, to watch live soccer and drink a beer (two of my favorite things). But man, did that Redbridge taste good.

Equally shocking was the fact that at HT I went to have a second, and they were all gone!

For those in the Seattle area with Sounders/Seahawks tix, you can find it at the Taco Ma's restaurant on both the Southwest and Southeast side of the stadium. The one on Southeast side of the stadium is right by Section 113/114.

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That's great to hear! I love Bards alot more the Redbridge (just a little too light for me). Granted, if this was my only option, I'd take it.

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