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After many years and many issues I received my elevated blood test results about 5 days ago. Have been wavering between shock and relief. Started looking for some answers about my moodiness the past couple of days. I even took a pregnancy test to make sure. I haven't been this emotional since i was post-partum. Seems like that's pretty normal. I have my biopsy in a couple of weeks. Doctor said to go gluten-free immediately, and he'd send me a packet. Haven't received the packet yet and am feeling a bit over whelmed. Ate cottage cheese for lunch, one of my favorite foods, have been having stomach cramps since. Realized this evening it was a soft cheese, read the ingredients and nearly cried. Deeply relieved my Diet Coke is probably okay. I don't know if i could handle all of this without it.

The soaps and stuff have me intrigued. I'm confused about the specific ingredients that would contain gluten would they be on the gluten free food list? Or is it some other derivitive of wheat?

Also I'm on a very tight budget. So, i need to bargain shop. I know people are listing brands that are cool, but I'd like to be able to check my local generics and see. I dont' have DH, but do have eczema and itchy scalp issues as well as often get sores on my scalp. Thanks for any and all help!

Also I have two kids. Should I wait until my biopsy to have them checked? just take them gluten-free and see what happens. 3yo had digestive issues when he was born, always underweight doing better now. 18mo is 15th percentile on both wt and ht. very picky eater and hates bread. Maybe he knows? lol he loves crackers though.

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First and very important, do not go gluten free until after your endoscopy. To do so may cause a false negative and those are common enough even on a full gluten diet.

As far as toiletries go Suave and Dove and Garneir will clearly label gluten ingredients. You need to watch out for the usual wheat, rye, barley and oats plus question any added vitamin E. gluten containing ingredients in cosmetics usually go by the botanical or scientific name which can make it hard to tell. When in doubt call the company. There have been lists of the ingredients posted but I can't locate it right now. Hopefull someone else will have bookmarked it.

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I had read about the false negatives and called my GI and asked, he said it takes much longer for any relsolution or regeneration to occur and it would be more helpful for me to go ahead and start getting it out of my diet. At this rate I will still be finding things in my diet in two weeks because I seem to constantly be finding new items and specific ingredients to avoid. Confused now as to what to do.... I did find a couple of my products specifically list Hydrolyzed Wheat protein or hydroxypropyltrimium. Thanks for the info hopefully i'll find a list of bath specific ingredients. I'm going to try to make myself a little cheat sheet of the tricky ones, laminate it, and keep it in my wallet.

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