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I Have The Best Hubby!

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My daughter has several issues that we suspected were related to gluten insensitivity... she has been gluten free now 8 weeks. After focusing on her needs and learning alot I finally connected the dots and realized that my chronic rash had many characteristics of DH... so I went gluten free 5 weeks ago.

While its not been an instant miracle cure for either of us, both of us have experienced enough relief that we are motivated to stay on track. And I don't have to nag my daughter either - she is being very responsible. that's a lot to say for a 17 year old!

Both of us have been totally ok with other family members eating stuff we can't eat. (We're still working out the "divided kitchen" issues.) But our first breakthrough was a really great pizza crust mix - it was so good my husband liked it better than the crusts he had been buying! Then it was on to brown rice pasta - I had been given a sample and he really liked it.

Well my husband has been the chief cook and grocery shopper, but since the beginning of our gluten free experience, I had been making my own separate trip for gluten free items, and I was the preparer of any special gluten free items.

That's not the case any more.... Yesterday hubby was on his weekly grocery shopping trip and he's in the organic foods section and he calls me (I'm still at work mind you! ) and he's reading labels and asking questions... Well he came home with another batch of pizza mix, some Tinkayada pasta, some gluten free bread crumbs (I had been making my own) and a loaf of gluten free bread to try (EnerG brand). He made the pizza last night.... and tonight is preparing a scallop casserole with the bread crumbs. (Ok I know the iodine content of shellfish is not great for DH, but I am not going to rain on this wonderful parade!! Plus being deprived of seafood is worse than being deprived of bread for me, cuz we live where its plentiful and not so expensive!!!)

My hubby is Italian... and he has "converted" to gluten free pizza,pasta and is willing to alter his cooking habits..... how very cool is that????

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Be nice to that your guy. He's one in a million!

I forget to tell you about one other wonderful thing!!

Last weekend he bought icecream sandwiches, thinking I could eat those... I did not give in to temptation, but simply explained the compents that were bad for me..

Guess what else he bought yesterday..... Gluten Free Ice Cream!!! at last, a Saturday nite treat we both can enjoy!! :D

Yes, he does deserve special treatment!

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It is truly wonderful to have such a supportive husband. I was diagnosed last October and spent the holidays learning what I could and could not eat. My husband went out of his way to organic grocery stores near his job to buy gluten free baking mixes, and he spent hours baking pies and cheesecakes that I could eat. He has tweaked some of his favorite recipes to make them gluten free. I do a lot of the cooking in our house, but he's a bit of a foodie and loves to cook big fancy meals on the weekends.

We're so lucky!

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