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I went to Pita Pit today in my university's cafeteria, and explained my allergies. They said if I came back with a container they could put anything that was in a pita pocket in the container.

So I came back with my tupperware. Without me even having to ask, the guy put new gloves on right away, wiped down the grill thoroughly, made sure my chicken had absolutely no seasoning on it, and make me a huge salad with everything available. It was such good service. He gave me way more food than would fit into a pita and charged me the same price. He was so careful about touching things as well...he dropped a little chunk of tomato into the cheese, picked it up and threw it out, because he remembered I was allergic ti dairy. It was awesome. He even offered to squeeze lemon over my salad because he didn't think I could have any of the dressings, which was true.

Don't you wish everywhere was this fantastic!

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Wow, that's an awesome experience! I've yet to find someone that indepth on things but since its your university cafeteria, you'll be seeing them more often so its a good chance of repeat experiences. Maybe give some feedback to a higher up via whatever means are available, since he went above and beyond.

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