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I am new here and to the world of possible Celiac / wheat intolerance.

To make it short, my story is - for the last 2 years +, I have been blotted and have a horrible time doing to the bathroom. I am very gassy and by the end of the night can bearly button my pants. I am not heavy - pre-bloat I am around 122 lbs, with bloat I can get up to 126 easily.

After many years / lots of trips to the Drs., getting told it is IBS w/ constipation and a trip to the ER 3 weeks ago, I think I am finally getting somewhere.

My blood test came back 15 on the Celiac test - 19 being positive and my IgA came back a 30 (low positive). After I got the results, I took myself off of wheat - I didn't expect to have to see the GI specialist. In less than 1 week, I dropped 4 lbs and actually saw my waist again :).

Went to the GI on Tuesday and he told me I must have a Endosopy and to start eating wheat again. My GI is thinking that I do have Celiac's but needs to see if any damage has been done. He said that there is a gray area of Celica's - it is not just yes or no - you have it or you don't. That I could have it without any damage yet :). After the test we are also going to start a food reduction to see if there is/are any other foods that might be causing issues.After two days, I am bloated and have already gained 1.5 lbs. This is so horrible!!!

My Endosopy is scheduled for the 30th of October - it is going to be a long month. I have started a food chart w/ how I am feeling. I am going to give this to him when I go in for the test.

My dad has the same symptoms, as did my grandfather. My nephew has been diagnosed with wheat intolerance. So, something is showing up in the family. We just have to figure out what it is.

Thanks for reading!


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Welcome Susan! It sounds like your GI is on the ball. Even if your biopsy is negative there is no harm in continuing with the gluten-free diet if it makes you feel better.

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