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Ener-g White Rice Flax Bread

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I bought a loaf of this a few months ago and just got around to opening it. I was very annoyed that the whole top of the loaf had broken off. But I used the two largest pieces anyway and made a partial sandwich for my daughter.

Her first reaction was that I had accidentally used my bread. I sometimes buy Flax bread from Silver Hills that is not gluten-free for myself. It did look and smell just like that bread. And although she hasn't actually tasted that bread, she said it tasted like regular wheat bread.

So for that reason alone, I ordered some from Ener-G. Up until now she has been eating the Rice Starch Loaf. It is filling and doesn't seem to break. Smells weird though.

I can buy the Flax bread at a store in a nearby city. It's just that we don't get there too often. I have to mail order the Rice Starch stuff. It is possible that my health food store can get the Flax bread for me. They can order some stuff. My goal is to try to buy more locally so I don't have to pay all that postage. And yeah, I know Ener-G is located in Seattle, but I don't know exactly where and it's not like I ever go out that way. But perhaps one day I could go there.

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I tried their hot dog buns tonight. Not bad if your warmed them first. My dd and I both scrooped out the middle part because there seemed to be too much bread. I'd buy them again.

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