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Gluten Free Products

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I've been arguing with my college for over a month. The head chef, god bless his little heart, decided that it was too complicated for anyone to make food that was gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free in his dining halls, and therefore we should switch to prepackaged food. Well, I hate to break it to him, but one of the five dining halls actually has cooking for me down to a science at this point. The only reason why I'm entertaining him at this point is because the other four don't.

His latest suggestions are Nana's cookies, Enjoy Life's cookies, and several of the entrees from Tasty Bite. I've had Enjoy Life's chocolate chip cookies and am going to *not* be requesting them. Tasty Bite's potato and chickpea dish is actually fairly good, so I am assuming that others might work. But I know nothing of Nana's and very little about Tasty Bite's other dishes.

Could ya'll give me feedback? Or other suggestions?

The man means well, but I'm apparently the most difficult (read: persistent) student he's dealt with. It's very common for the gluten-free students not to talk to the cooks and just suck it up; I know more students who get sick every week than the administration has ever met. I get so sick that I actually have to talk to these nice folks or else I stop functioning.

At least he has finally gotten the fact that everything not only needs to be labeled, there also needs to be ingredient lists. (First three weeks of school, half the dairy allergic folks on campus celebrated the "non-dairy" frozen yogurt, while not understanding why we all getting sick. Well, that would be because it was "non-lactose" and still had casein. And the chefs and cooks had no clue. "Wait, that's a milk product?" Me: "...Yeah.")

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I agree with you about enjoy life cookies. i recommend kinnikinnik and glutino cookies over nana's because they are very dry and i dont care for the texture. there are some zebra dream cookies from glutino that come in two cookie packages so those might work.

i cant help with tasty bites... never heard of them :( sorry

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I've had several varieties of the Tasty Bites. They have all been yummy.

Nana's and Enjoy Life cookies I did not enjoy at all.

What about gluten-free Cafe for frozen pasta meals?

Your good health is worth pestering, and ultimately educating, this chef.

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