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Was I Glutened?

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Okay, I'm in the "hungry a lot" phase. And with hunger, comes the normal "can't really concentrate" feeling and fatigue that comes with hunger itself.

Well, today I had my usual gluten-free foods, and dinner was what it often is on Saturday - cheeseburger (patty only, American cheese) and brown rice.

Less than an hour after eating it, I had to use the bathroom, but it wasn't urgent or compelling. It was, however, similar in feeling to how I'd feel when I got D (you use that to stand for diarrhea, am I right?) from gluten. Barely anything came out, which was always the case when I got D from gluten. I kept feeling not like I really had to go, but kinda did, and the second time I went, an hour later, even less came out.

Yet I didn't feel the brain fog and so on. I felt fatigued about an hour and a half after dinner, but then, I stayed up late yesterday, yet woke up earlier today than I'd have liked. I was able to take a nap and relieve some of the fatigue. (normally, when I had gluten, I'd be unable to really sleep; I'd feel weak and full of brain fog, but not actually "I can lay back and nap" tired) I took 10 L-glutamine anyway, just in case. I also didn't feel my stomach making little "squib" (as I called them) motions/noises, the way I always would after being glutened, and before I went gluten-free.

So, what do you think? Was I glutened somehow? (The butter? There were, in fact, visible crumbs in parts of it, but I tried to get only the parts that didn't have crumbs. Maybe I got a small amount without realizing it?)

Or is my very mild D a coincidence? I have, after all, had the occasional such symptom in the past before I had Celiac. It's not a symptom unique to it.

Blah. I can't wait for my digestive enzymes to arrive in the mail. I'll be taking them before any "questionable" meal, just in case.

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