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elle's mom

Getting Ready To Start Some Solids In 6mo Old

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Well, my youngest dd has hit a turning point. She is 6 months and I have been knocking around the idea of starting some solids. She had a rough beginning, trouble gaining weight from day one until the point I realized gluten was her problem when she was between one and two months. Since then, I have stood firm in my decision not to expose her to any gluten through breastmilk to this point and she is doing wonderfully (wearing mostly 12 mo size clothes). Someone at church yesterday even commented "oh, look at her, she isn't going to be skinny like the rest of yous is she?" haha (IOW "chubby baby=healthy baby??)

Now I started to search for options for gluten free versions of the baby cereals, as this is how I started my other children around this age. I ran into some "new" information regarding grains not being the greatest first foods, as the rice cereals were once thought to be. My sister who has an almost 12 mo old, hasn't given him much cereal to this point, and I thought he just didn't like it, but when I questioned her, she added support to this new school of thought that grains are now kind of a no-no for babies, even those without gluten concerns. I just wondered if anyone had any insight on all of this. I haven't taken her for her 6mo check up yet (appointment is Friday), but just trying to prepare myself for the conversation with her ped. Thanks.

~Jackie (Mom of a gluten & dairy-free home)

Myself: Neg blood tests despite myriad of life-long symptoms. Enterolab testing positive for gluten sensitivity: DQ5DQ5. Currently gluten, dairy, grain, & sugar free and on rotation diet.

5yo dd diagnosed celiac by blood test/biopsy Oct/Nov 2007: DQ2DQ5

7yo dd: neg blood tests, DQ5DQ6

3yo ds: neg blood tests, IgA deficient, DQ5DQ6

21mo dd: DQ2DQ5

DH: Neg blood tests, by deductive reasoning: DQ2DQ6.

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